Stearns History Museum Staff


For general inquiries questions

please email or contact the staff below at 320-253-8424.


Ann Meline - Interim Director/Deputy Director

Rod Runge - Finance Coordinator

Gena Hiemenz - Development Associate & Marketing Coordinator

Joanie Albers - Visitor Services



Eric Cheever - Exhibits/Collections Curator

Julianne O'Connell - Program Curator


Steve Penick - Head Archivist 

Jessica Storlien - Archivist

John Decker - Archivist

Cindy Meyer - Archivist


For sponsorships and monetary contributions contact  Ann Meline or Gena Hiemenz

For school tours and program information contact Program Curator Julianne O'Connell

For information on genealogy, research  contact Steve Penick or Jessica Storlien.

For object donations to the collections contact Eric Cheever or Steve Penick.

Stearns History Museum • 235-33rd Avenue South • St. Cloud, MN  56301   

(320) 253-8424 •