History Day 

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Whether your search is casual, personal or scholarly you will find many resources at the Stearns History Museum Research Center.  A rich source of Stearns County history, the Research Center contains maps, newspapers, genealogical files, oral history tapes and over 500,000 photographs. The Research Center specializes in genealogical materials, as well as Stearns County granite and dairy industries, sports - especially amateur baseball, historic preservation and architectural information.  We can assist you with research in most areas of local history. For information contact Steve Penick (Head Archivist) spencik@stearns-museum.org


Local Topic Ideas:


  • The US-Dakota War of 1862


  • Women's Rights


  • Sam Pandolfo/The Pan Motor Company


  • Worker's Rights - Unions


  • Prohibition and the Volstead Act


  • Eden Valley Fox Hunt - Animal Rights


  • Native American Rights - Treaties


  • The Paramount Theatre - National Register of Historic Places




  • Jane Grey Swisshelm (Feminist and Abolitionist)


  • Children's Rights - Orphan Trains


  • First Minnesota Infantry - Civil War


  • WPA and Central Minnesota


  • Immigrant Rights


  • Vietnam War Protests


  • The Sauk River Dam, Cold Spring


  • Power Line controversy (1970s)


  • Rural Electrification Act and Stearns County (1935)


  • Victory Gardens and other WWII Efforts on the Home Front


  • Fr. Pierz, missionaries, and spreading Christianity


  • Title IX - Women's Sports


  • The moving of burial grounds/cemeteries

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