Love hidden object games? Then you will love Artifind. This newly renovated activity is fun for the whole family.  

Find 2 windmills, a lunch box and a turkey with legs,
A pair of green chairs, two forks and a crate of eggs.
Find a vacuum, a stool and 3 potatoes,
A potty chair, 2 cow bells, and two ripe tomatoes.
Find celery in a bag, 2 ducks and a cat,
A football, pink pig and a cowboy with a hat.

Long Term Exhibits 

Two floors of exhibits provide visitors of every age with an entertaining learning experience.

Power On the Prairie
Before rural residents had access to electricity, the countryside was lit up in the evenings by millions of stars in the sky, maybe the moon, and a few flickers of light from lanterns and lamps. After electricity, the countryside glowed with millions of electric lights turned on by the flick of a switch on farms all over the countryside, and the sounds of laughing children playing under the yard light accompanied the power of the industrial revolution moving into Stearns County.

Sam Pandolfo and the Pan Motor Company The Pan Motor Company is as legendary in St. Cloud as is its owner Sam Pandolfo. For a brief 3 years from 1917 to 1920, a major manufacturing plant and company town existed in the area.  See one of the Pan cars and learn of Sam Pandolfo, his rise to fame, and his fall to prison.

Flowing Through Time  Investigate the natural world and explore the impact of water use as Stearns County was settled and grew to be the vibrant community of today.

On Solid Ground  The granite industry has had great impact on the development of the area. Buildings from all over the U.S. have Stearns County granite on their facade and in their hallways.

Memories in Miniature People make and collect miniatures for many reasons. Some preserve memories of family and community by carving wood.  Some make models to honor a time, a place, or people in the past.  Some even use them to imagine what might have been. From Willard Gerhenbeck’s circus, to Clifford Balder’s model of a Church; and the U-control planes designed, built and flown by Robert Green, father of community leader Les Green; visitors will be amazed by the craftsmanship and detail of this art form.


Children's Room


Play and learn in a hands-on activity center for children, ages 4-7. Children can play in the loft, draw, and read a book. A child-size grocery store and kitchen are great places for children to learn about commerce.


Now Showing in the Pantown Theater

Pan's Song: Hear the story of Sam Pandolfo and the Pan Motor Company as told from the viewpoint of Sam Pandolfo in his trial records. 15 minutes

Granite Country USA: The history of the granite industry in Stearns County. 22 minutes

Jewel of St. Cloud Munsinger and Clemens Gardens: Learn the history of St. Cloud's premier gardens along the Mississippi River. 27 minutes

Our Town . . . Our Games.  History of the St. Cloud Rox: The St. Cloud Rox was a minor league baseball team in St. Cloud from 1946 - 1971.  They were affiliated with the New York and San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins. 15 minutes

Lake George  21 minutes

Paramount Theater  35 minutes


 All of the artifacts in our collections on display in exhibits and preserved at our facility are donated. If you would like to donate to our collection please contact Adam Smith, Curator of Collections, by calling 320-253-8424 or emailing


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