The endowment provides perpetual support to the Museum.  A percentage of the earnings from the fund is distributed to the Museum annually, allowing it to continue its important work while the fund keeps growing.  It may be created with cash gifts, pledges, and/or appreciated stock or property.  Gifts can be made during your lifetime or through your estate, and funds may be added at any time.  

Endowment funds are critical to the long-term financial health of the Museum.  They provide a reliable income source that allows the Museum to acquire new collections, explore new initiatives, and support specific programs.
Endowments may be established for a specific area or unrestricted. The latter allows the Museum to use the funds wherever the need is the greatest.  Exhibits, education, and collections are just some of the areas funds can be allocated.  Call Carie Essig at (320) 253-8424 or cessig@stearns-museum.org to find out more about the Museum's Endowment Fund.  


To have your name engraved on the granite walls in the Museum lobby the giving levels are:

    Gold        $50,000 +                         Silver      $25,000                              Bronze    $10,000       

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Granite Endowment Recognition Wall

Stearns County Historical Society ca. 1970

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