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Your donation provides the funding we need to preserve objects and images and tell the rich stories of Stearns County.

O  $4,800 Pays for electrical, high-density shelving for archives

O  $2,200
Covers the cost the annual membership to

O  $949
Provides a metal rolling ladder for exhibit installation

O  $565
Pays for archival storage boxes

O  $251
Covers the cost of polyethylene foam for mounting objects

O  $115 Provides a digital recorder to capture oral histories

O  $49 Pays for one textile storage box
Donations make a tremendous impact on operations, special programs and exhibitions. They are essential in undertaking activities at the Stearns History Museum.  You can donate online by clicking one of the dollar amounts to the left; mail a check to Stearns History Museum, 235 33rd Avenue South, St. Cloud, MN 56301 or contact Jim Davis or 320-253-8424.

You can also donate to the Museum through Amazon Smile when you purchase at

Above: Museum's Research Center
Below: Halloween Historia attendees

Sponsorship Opportunities

Support the programs at the Stearns History Museum directly by partnering with the us to enhance existing educational programs, developing new programs and bringing national exhibitions to St. Cloud. We will work with you to create a partnership that meets your business or philanthropic objectives. For more information contact Jim Davis at (320) 253-8424 or

Family Programs
The Stearns History Museum supports several family-friendly activities. Halloween Historia, KringleFest, and the children’s playroom are designed to educate and entertain families.

School Programs
Each year the Stearns History Museum provides programs for area schools. Sponsorships can fund admission for field trips to the Museum. In this time of economic struggle for schools, scholarships for field trips are welcomed gifts, providing resources to schools as well as to the Museum

Research Center and Archives
The Research Center and Archives provides invaluable resources to genealogists, students, and the general public in their search for information. Funds support the purchase of new equipment like micro-readers, supplies, and reference materials.

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